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Featured sessions:
"Decisions...Decisions": Implementing ACH vs. Purchasing Cards at Your Institution $45
1098Ts $40
2015 - A/R Best Practices $45
2015- 1098T's & 1098E's - The Forms We Love to Hate! $40
2015- ACH Update and Notification Rules Change as well as Same Day ACH Update $40
2015- Colletions & Due Diligence from Begining to End $45
2015- Customer Service - Put Your Best Foot Forward! $40
2015- Dealing with Difficult Situations & People $45
2015- Department of Education Update $40
2015- Discovering Your Super Power $40
2015- Financial Literacy $45
2015- Fraud & Risk Update for Critical Financial Data Storage and Protecting Your Student/Ba $40
2015- GLBA/Red Flag(BPC) $40
2015- Making Goals & Evaluations Count - What's the Final Destination? $40
2015- Multitasking & Adoption $40
2015- PCI Compliane - What Do You Mean It's Not Just an IT Issue? $40
2015- Staying in Compliance with the TCPA $40
2015- The EMV Effect $40
2015- The Ins & Outs of Managing Your Perkins Program $40
2015- Trending Topics $40
2015- Using 3rd Party Loan Servicers - Best Practices $40
2015- Your Conflict Management Techniques Failed - Now What? $45
2015-A/R Communication Automation $40
A Balancing Act: High Touch vs. High Tech $49
ACH Rules Update $40
Banking Fraud & Risk Update $40
Be a Leader, Not Just a Manager $45
Benchmarking $45
Best In-house Collection Practices $40
Business Process Automation for the Bursar $45
Business Process Automation for the Bursar 2016 $45
Changes in Consolidation: An Update $40
Creating Ways of Expanding Your Program $45
Customer Service: Being Remembered a Good Way! $49
Data Analytics $45
Delivering Exceptional Customer Service- Be Remembered in a Good Way! $40
FERPA: A Bursar's Perspective $49
Financial Leadership Bootcamp: Bring It! $40
Foreign Students: The New Normal $49
Fraud and Where We Are Post EMV Liability Shift and Lessons Learned $45
Generation Z: The World Really is Flat $49
GLBA/Red Flag(BPC) $40
How to Handle a Difficult Situation While Keeping a Smile on Your Face $45
Issues Facing Accounts Payable $45
Keynote: Teamwork $45
Leadership Excellence: The Power of Stories to Influence and Engage $40
Leveraging Tech -Charmaine Daniels $45
Leveraging Technology and Your Data to Optimize Student Financial Success While Reducing Receivables $45
Make Your Data Make Sense with Excel Pivot Tables $45
Manager vs. Leader $45
Managing the Ins and Outs of your Perkins Program $40
Mobilizing the Campus for the Smart Phone Generation $45
Multitasking & Adoption $40
Oh, the Places You'll Go with Travel and the P-Card! $45
One Stop Shop and All the Things to Think About When Implementing $49
Oops! They Did It Again: Dealing with Cardholder Misuse $45
P-Card and Your Athletic Program $45
P-Card Smorgasbord in a Nutshell $45
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance Audit: What You Need to Know $45
PCI Compliance - What Do You Mean It's Not Just an IT Issue(BPC) $40
Perking Program Grassroots Effort Update $40
Preliminary Findings: The Nature of Campus-Based Debt $40
Purchasing Card Fraud An Intimate View $45
Safety First: What's Your Plan? $49
Scoring Your Outside Agencies $49
Small Business and Purchasing Card $45
Steps for Preparing for a Continuous P-Card Audit $45
Streamlining Accounts Payable $45
Student Financial Literacy: One Size Does Not Fit All $45
Student Organization P-Cards: 10+ Problems and Resolutions! $45
The "New Look" Bursar's Office: e-Everything $40
The Changing Payments Landscape $40
The E in Card Payments - Unravel the Mystery of ePro & ePay $45
The State of AR in Higher Ed Now and Into the Future $49
Tighten & Lean (Your $$) $45
Time is Precious, Outsourcing for Efficient Transaction Review $45
Trends and Strategies for Campus Payments and Mobile Technology $40
Understanding the New Loan Consolidation Process $45
Unlocking International Student Potential by Exploring International Payments and Refunds $49
Utilizing Blackboard Collaboration for Procurement Card Training $45
What if Perkins Really Does Bite the Dust $49
You Can't Pay That Way $40
Your Conflict Management Techniques Failed - Now What? $45
Your Students and the Bankruptcy Process $49
[Web Conference] Department of Education Update $40
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